Location of Materials

Reading Area

Text-books and books recommended for reading by undergraduates are available here for reading. General reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, hand books and directories are also shelved here.

Archives & Graduate research Area

These are mainly used by the academic staff and post-graduate students involved in research though not exclusively so. Rare books, books of archival, bibliographical and local interest and the more valuable books on Indian art, Epigraphy and Archaeology are a few categories of books are kept here.

Graduate Research area

This section is being maintained to serve the special interest of those pursuing research in  South Asian studies. Books  relevant to this area of study and research are stocked here and may be borrowed by members of the academic staff  for a period not longer than a week.

Government Documents Section

Government publications, mainly Sri Lankan government publications are kept in this section. There is also an area of limited access where bound volumes of periodicals, unbound  periodicals and newspaper files are kept. Materials in the Archives and the Government Documents Section are kept in closed book cases and are available on request for use in the library. They may not be borrowed.