Library Divisions

The Library functions as the driving force in achieving the target of the university by making the available necessary material pertaining to teaching and research in every field.According to the five laws of the Library these materials have been arranged an effective manner to provide effective information service for the readers.

The Library directs its activities towards the fulfillment of the programmes of the University of Jaffna. In order to render effective services, the library has established branch libraries at the faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Department of Siddha medicine and Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts. This arrangement helps the students belonging to the respective faculties in getting the necessary information quickly. Further it is to preserve the books related to the faculties concerned through the branch libraries. Readers who need further information could have access to the main library.

Service sections divided by subject

  • Science section – located at the 2nd floor
  • Social Science section – located in the ground floor
  • Management Section- located in the ground floor adjacent to the Social science section
  • Arts and Humanities section – located at left wing of the ground floor

In these sections books related to the curriculum of the courses conducted by the relevant subject and books that are needed for additional reading are arranged in the shelves in an easily accessible manner. Books are shelved at same place with the mark of Stacks/ Reference and readers are also advised to borrow the books accordingly. Seating arrangement for students is available by the side of the shelves. This helps the students to take down the notes they want when they read books. The arrangement helps the students to search and obtain the book they need easily.

Service sections divided by usage

Quick reference section: Reference tools which include Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, Directories, Glossaries, University Calendars, Hand books, Year books Indexes, Travel guides etc. are kept in this section to provide required information efficiently without loss of time.

Permanent reference section: Books which are treated as a text and the valuable rare books are kept in this section. Question papers of the past examinations are also found in this section.

Service sections divided by materials

Serial section: This section is divided into two section as periodical and news paper section and located in the east wing of the ground floor. It consists of dailies, general magazines, subject journals, news letters. Current issues which are located at the southern part of the ground floor are arranged subject wise. All the foreign and local back issues are under alphabetical arrangement by language. Immediate back issues are also available here. When all the issues of particular periodicals for a year are received they are arranged according to the date of issue bound together classified, catalogued and made available for the readers in the Serial section. Reading facilities for users are provided in this section.

Archives: This is essentially a research area for the academic staff and postgraduate students. The library has to function as a cultural information centre that preserves publications on the art and culture of the region and the country it belongs to. Archive section does this function of the library. Rare books of archival, bibliographical and local interest and the more valuable books on Indian art, epigraphy etc is kept and preserved here. In view of the rareness and quality of these materials, they are used in closed access approach. Since these are more important to researchers all of these materials are treated as permanent reference. Considering the deteriorate conditions of these materials photocopying services are also restricted in this area

Government document section: All documents that are published by the Sri Lankan Government, Ministries, Departments, Corporations and other Governmental Institutions are arranged in this section. Apart from above, all treasury circulars, Parliamentary publications such as acts, Bills, White papers and Hansards are also found in this section. As the government documents are good information materials containing latest data they are preserved in closed access manner and are available on request for use in the library.