The registered User can borrow the Books from the Library. The books are classified into different types Stacks (Lending), Reference. Permanent Reference, Government documents, Periodicals, Archives books and Quick reference books etc.. Two types of books, Stacks (Lending) and reference, are loaned as detailed below:

Please note that Academic staff and Final year undergraduate students are entitled to borrow periodicals for overnight.

Under graduate Students

Year of study               Reference                   Lending                      Period

First Year                          01                                02                          02 weeks

Second Year                     01                                03                          02 weeks

Third Year                        01                                 04                          02 weeks

Final Year                         01                                04                           02 weeks

Post graduate Students

Post graduate diploma     00                                02                            02 weeks

Masters& Doctoral            00                               02                             02 weeks

Other diplomas                 00                                02                            02 weeks        

Staffs-No. Of books entitled to borrow

Academic (Permanent)         – 08 books either category at a time (one month)

Administrative (Permanent) — 08 books either category at a time (one month)

Academic (contract)             – 04 books either category at a time (one month)

Non academic (Permanent)  – 04 books either category at a time (one month)

One extension of 14 days may be asked for before the expiration of the original loan period of stacks books. Such extensions are normally granted if another Reader has not reserved the book.

  • Reservation and booking: Readers can reserve books for their needs according to the reservation procedure of the library.
  • Notification Service: Reminders are sent to the readers to inform the long dues.
  • Inter-Library Loan Services:Facilities are provided for the permanent members of the academic staff to obtain library materials available in other major university libraries in the country on inter-library loan basis.
  • Registration: Readers’ service section is responsible for the registration of members and supervision of all service points.

Readers’ service section

Member’s requirements are met by this section. The membership of the library is open to all registered students of the University of Jaffna and all members of the University Staff, irrespective of their grades Reader services section is responsible for the circulation of books.  They impose fine on students who fail to return the books on or before the due dates.  The Section will check whether the books are returned in good condition. If the books are damaged or lost the cost of this is recovered from the reader. The Section will recall for books if the books are not returned before or on the due dates.

This section maintains the circulation statistics quantitatively as well as qualitatively through opinion box. These facts help us to find the current need of the readers and identify the drawbacks in the services which could be improved.