Mrs. T.Janen

Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr.II (Faculty of Engineering )


  •  Publications

    Janan,T. and Kupeshan, R. (2017). Quality Techniques in Library and Information Services: A Practical Approach. Proceedings of the UGC Sponsored International Conference on Knowledge Resources and Library Technologies,pp. 80.

    Janan,T., Balasubramani, R. and Durrany, A. (2017). Status of Sri Lanka’s Open Access Repositories Compared with Other Major Asian Countries. Knowledge, Library and Informatioin Networking DELNET – Developing Library Network, 2017, pp.225

    Janan,T. and Arulanantham, S. (2017).Altmeric is Tool to Measure the Impact of Scholarly article: A Review.Bharathidasan University Trichy and Library, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, pp. 18.

    Janan,T. and Arulanantham, S. (2018). Mapping of Research Publications on Food Security: A Scientomatric Analysis, Proceedings of 4thInternational Conference on Dry Zone Agriculture 2018, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

    Janan,T., Sritharan, T. and Chandrasekar, K. (2019). URKUND VS. TURNITIN: Comparison of Plagiarism Detection Tools. International Conferenceof University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka (ICULA) – 2019, pp. 98.

    Janan,T. and Arulanantham, S. (2018). Impact Factor Vs: Article Level Metrics for Measuring the Impact  of Scholarly Communication:  A Comparative  Review. International Conferenceof University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka (ICULA) – 2018, pp. 108.

    Janan,T., Ketheeswaran, S., Arulanantham, S. and Kupeshan, R. (2019). Self-reliance of Koha Cataloguing Module for Migration from Libys to Koha:A case Study of the Library of University of Jaffna. pp. 125

    Janan,T.,Kupeshan, R. and Arulanantham, S. (2017). Digital Preservation Process of Image Collections: With Special Reference to Public Libraries. P.G And Research Department Of Library And Information Science, 15th UGC Sponsored National Conference on Innovative Preservation Practices in Libraries, Archives and Museums 24th March 2017,  pp. 206.

    Janan,T.,Kupeshan, R. (2018). Open access Repositories: A Global Perspective with an Emphasis on Library and Imformation Science Subject. Make it Happen: Transformation of Library Services for next Generation\ NACLIS 2018, pp. 39.

    Janan,T. (2019). Scientometric Analysis of Research output on Public Libraries. National Conference on Library and Information Science (NACLIS 2019), pp. 36.

    Janen,T and Chandrasekar, (2018). Application of’SixSigma’Quality Improvement Tool in Libraries for the Enhancement of Library Services-An Overview. Sri Lanka Library Review (Special issue).

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