Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr. I. Faculty of Medicine


  • Teaching

    Visiting Lecturer for the Postgraduate Diploma in LIS course of the University of Jaffna (since 2005)

    Visiting Lecturer for the Diploma in Library & Information Science course of the SLLA (since 2003)


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    Some Basic Techniques for a Modern Librarian. (2007)

    The importance of developing reading habits for the survival of information society. Sri Lanka Library Review (New Series) pp (2008)

  • Resource Person

    Resource personnel for the ” Training program for Public Librarians- North Eastern Province ” organized by the National Library & Documentation Services Board and Management Development, North Eastern Province, Sri Lanka in October, 2002.

    Resource personnel for the ” Workshop for Teacher Librarians – Zone 1″ organized by the Department of Education, Jaffna, Sri Lanka in March 2004.

    Resource personnel for the “Training program for the Librarians of Community Libraries in Vadamaradchi, Jaffna District” organized by the Foundation for Library Awareness, Jaffna, Sri Lanka in March, 2008.


    Participated a workshop on “Networking for effective libraries and information services. (NET ELICE) workshop” organized by the Sri Lanka library Association, Galadari Hotel, Sri Lanka from 17.10.1999 to 23.10.1999.

    Participated in the workshop on ” Safety and health in Laboratories” conducted under the Science and Technology Personnel Development Project in the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka in December 2003.

    Participated in the training program for ” Proposal writers conducted under the improving relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE) Project in Sri Lanka in November, 2003.

  • Jaffna Science Association (Applied science section), Sri Lanka – Life from1998

    Sri Lanka Library Association – Life from August 2002.

    Sri Lanka University Librarians Associations, – From Dec 2003.

  • Office : 0094212227425

    Mail :        Library, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

    e-Mail :      jaffnamed@yahoo.