Mr. P Poologanathan

Assistant Librarian(Prob) / Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts


  • • B.A (Hons) Special in Philosophy [University of Jaffna, Srilanka 2009]
    • M.A. in Philosophy [University of Peradeniya, Srilanka 2013]
    • M.Phil. in Philosophy [University of Peradeniya, Srilanka 2017]

    Contact Details
    Office:          021-2222970
    Mail:            Main Library, University of Jaffna, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

  • International referred journal

    P.Poologanathan, Refutation of innate ideas in Epistemology –A study based on John Locke’s An Essay Concerning Human Understanding –Jaffna University international conference, 2014.

    P.Poologanathan, Ethical thoughts of Ishsavasia Upanishad and Immanuel Kant – A comparative study-Jaffna University international conference, 2014.

    P.Poologanathan, Berkley’s critique of Locke’s distinction between Primary and Secondary qualities- An analytical study based on A Treatise Concerning the Principle of Human Knowledge–Kalam international referred journal, South Eastern University, 2015.

    P.PoologanathanTheory of causality and it’s  refutation of David Hume in Modern Philosophy- An Analytical Study based on Enquiry Concerning Human Understandingat international research symposium, Peradeniya University,2015.

    P.PoologanathanTheory of Occasionalism and Pre- Established Harmony’s contribution towards the solution for Mind-Body Problem in modern Philosophy – A critical analysis-at 12th annual research session, Eastern University, 2015.

    P.Poologanathan, Influences of Ancient Greek Economical Thought’s contribution to the growth of Adam smith’s Modern Economical thoughts -A comparative study Economics research symposium, Peradeniya , 2015.

    P.Poologanathan, Social harmony and ethical thoughts as expounded in Thirumanthiram and current social trend – A comparative study- First international Saiva conference, University of Jaffna, 2016.

    P.Poologanathan, Pornography: A critical analysis based on ethical and social perspectiveat 3rd international conference, faculty of management studies and commerce, University of Jaffna , 2016.

    P.Poologanathan, கிழக்கிலங்கையில் கண்ணகிவழிபாடும் அதுசார்ந்தசடங்குமுறைகளும் – ஓர் ஆய்வு –  at Hindu oli, all Ceylon Hindu congress’s diamond jubilee commemorate issues-2016.

    P.Poologanathan, Leibnitz’s contribution to mind – body Problem in modern philosophy- A Critical Analysis based on Monadology- Annual research session, South Eastern University, 2016.

    P.Poologanathan, The problem of environmental pollution in modern time is an extended form of the problem of Taboo in ancient societies –   A comparative Analysis based on the thoughts of Mary Douglas. – 2nd International conference of Swami Vipulananda Music College, Eastern University,2017.

    P.Poologanathan, Concept of Perception – A comparative study based on epistemology of SaivaSiddhanta and John Locke, at Second international Saiva conference, University of Jaffna-2017.

    P.PoologanathanThe Concept of Perception- A comparative study based on Perception of John Locke and Samkya Philosophy-at International conference, South Eastern University-2018.

    P.Poologanathan, The Dialectical method of Greek Philosophy reflects that the family resembles of Upanishad Discuss – A comparative study – Annual research session, South Eastern University,2018.

    P.Poologanathan, Ethical concepts are reflected in SaivaSiddhanta and Buddhist Philosophy – A comparative study Journal of Social Review, South Eastern University, 2019.

    P.Poologanathan, Reflection of Materialism in Indian Philosophy Journal of Tamil Peraivu, University of Malaya, Malaysia, 2020.

    P.Poologanathan, Thought on External World of John Locke and it’s refutation of Berkley – A Comparative Study Journal of Social Review, South Eastern University, 2021.

    P.Poologanathan ,Organizing of Philosophical curriculum taxes based on John Dewey Decimal Classification System An analytical study, Sri Lanka Library review, Vol -35, Issue – I, 2021.


    Chapter Publishing

    P.PoologanathanEpistemological thoughts of John Locke and Immanuel Kant – A Comparative Study Chapter Publishing, South Eastern University, 2020.


    Publishing of Books

    P.Poologanathan,Modern Philosophy – An Introduction”- (நவீனமெய்யியல் – ஓர் அறிமுகம்) at  Kumaran Press in 2014, ISBN  978-955-659-434-8.

    P.Poologanathan,Epistemology of John Locke- An Introduction- (ஜோன் லொக்கின் அறிவாராய்ச்சியியல் – ஓர் அறிமுகம்) Harihanan Printers – 2021, ISBN 978-624-96635-0-3.

  • Admin Roles

    • I have six (I 06) years experiences in student’s welfares & affairs as full time Sub-Warden
    • President of Philosophical Society at Department of Philosophy, University of Jaffna in 2008-2009.
    • Member of IQAC, Faculty of Sir. Pon. Ramanathan Faculty of Performing and Visual Arts (Proposed)-2021
    • Board member, Faculty of Sir. Pon. Ramanathan Faculty of Performing and Visual Arts (Proposed) -2021

    • Sivagamy Murugesar Memorial scholarship for the best student in Philosophy for the special degree Examination in Arts at University of Jaffna in the year- 2008.
    • University prize for best performance in Philosophy. (2007).
    • University prize for best performance in Philosophy. (2008).

    1. History of Ideas and ideology.
    2. Moral philosophy.
    3. Modern philosophy (Kant, Hegel, Marx).
    4. Philosophy of Tamils.
    5. Rationalism.
    6. Analytical Philosophy.
    7. Philosophy of culture.
    8. Aesthetic of philosophy of Art.
    9. Philosophical Text Analysis.