Librarian’s Message (By Former Librarian)

Welcome to the library, University of Jaffna which lies at the physical and symbolic crossroads of an ancient interchange for cultural and intellectual ideas.

Despite the lack of space owing to the loan of the entire 1st  floor of the Library for the use of IT for more than a decade, lack of funds to compensate the loss, very poor reading environment, shortage of Paraprofessionals and nonprofessionals, lack of modern equipment and furniture hinders the efficient functioning of the Library and is a big drawback towards rendering better service to the users, the library with its six branches in various locations always strives to provide better services and facilities to support the University’s Teaching, Learning and Research activities and continues to distinguish itself as a leader in transforming its services and facilities to advance the creation, discovery, and archiving of knowledge.

I invite you who share our passion for lifelong learning to join the library in achieving its vision— Being the fulcrum for the achievement of the University’s objectives; Teaching, Research and Creation of new knowledge by organizing Books, Periodicals and other Library materials in academic research and creative fields and the mission – to inculcate knowledge at the student level, to assist for professional development at the staff level, and to preserve the culture at the society level.

I encourage you to visit this active research laboratory for scholars who want to look back and look forward to new methods and new knowledge and explore the Library online from wherever you are and connect with us on social media. Your partnership is essential in helping us reinvent a library for the future. Let us hope that the commitment of the University of Jaffna to global awareness and scholarship will be reflected in the library system soon.

Former Librarian, the University of Jaffna
(Late Srikanthaluxmy, S)