Feeling of deep distress on the sudden demise of Librarian, University of Jaffna: Mrs. Srikanthaluxmy Sivanesan

Library, University of Jaffna reported the sudden demise of Librarian, University of Jaffna Mrs.Srikanthaluxmy Sivanesan, on 25.12.2019. The condolence message had been flagged on the home page of the Library Website

The Funeral was held on 27.12.2019 Friday at 12.00 noon at her residence, Inuvil West, Inuvil. The remains of the Librarian have been paid last respect in the Library Auditorium, the University of Jaffna on the same day (27.12.2019) between 3.00 and 5.30 pm.

Welcoming New Library staffs
Held in the Common Room of the Library
1. Mrs,D.S.H.S.Hettiarachchi / Assistant Registrar – Library Service
2. Mr.K.Jeyakumar
3. Mr.T.Vasanthan
4. Mr.P.Jeyankarun
5. Mr.M.Vitroya
Photographic Representations

Farewell for the Staff Murugavel – Snr.Staff Assistant(L\S)
Held in the Common Room of the Library
Photographic Representations