01. The academic staff, graduate and undergraduate students, members of the Council, the administrative staff, technical officers and clerical staff of the University are eligible to use  the Library and borrow books.

02. Graduates of recognized Universities may become registered readers by paying an annual fee of Rs 500.

03. The Librarian at his/her discretion may give permission to read in the library to bona fide scholars for short periods.

04. No person may make regular use of the Library unless he/she has registered himself/herself as a user.

05. Students, on their admission to the university should produce their record books or such other documents as may be necessary to register themselves  with the Library.

06. Members of the academic staff and other employees eligible to use the Library should produce their letters of appointment or letters confirming appointment from a recognized authority of the University for registration.

07. On registration students and employees of the University other than academic and administrative staff will be issued Library tickets equal to the number of books they are entitled to borrow at a time. The academic staff, members of the Council and the administrative staff may borrow books on the staff issue cards available at the counter.