Academic Staff

Mrs.K.Murugathas - Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr. I / Faculty of Medicine
BSc.(Hons)(Agri.)(Pera), MLS (Colombo)

Dr.(Mrs).K.Chandrasekar - Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr. I / Serial Division &
Attending to the duties of Librarian.

B.Sc(Hons) (Chem.)(Jaffna), M.Sc (LIS)(Madras), M.Phil (Biochem.)(Jaffna), Ph.D (LIS)(Jaffna)

Mrs.L.Umashankar - Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr. I./ - On Study Leave.
BSc.(Hons)(Agri.)(Jaffna), M.Sc (LIS)(Madras)
Mr.S.Ketheeswaren - Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr. I
B.Sc (Hons.) (Phys.)(Jaffna), M.Sc (Phys.)(Jaffna), MLIS (Trichy)

Dr.(Mrs).M.Visakaruban - Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr.I / Reader Services Division
B.A..(Hons)(Tamil)(Jaffna), M.L.I.Sc.(Chennai), PhD(Thanjavur)

Mr.S.Navaneethakrishnan - Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr.II /Acquisition Division
B. A.Hons(Sanskrit)(Jaffna), P.G.D. in LIS(Jaffna), M.Phil.(Sanskrit)(Jaffna), M.Phil.(Library Science)(Kelaniya)

Mr.R.Kupeshan - Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr.II / Technical Processing Division and Conservation & Preservation Division
B.A(Hons) (Pol.Sc.)(Jaffna), PGD. (LIS)(Jaffna), PGD. (Edu.)(Jaffna), PGD. (Pol.Sc)(Colombo), MEd(Edu), MSc.(LIS)

Mrs.T.Janen - Snr. Asst. Librarian Gr.II (Faculty of Engineering & E-Resources)
B.Sc (Hons.) (Agri Tech. Mgt.)(Pera), Dip (Quality Mgt.)(SLSI), MSc.(LIS)

Mr. P.Poologanathan - Asst. Librarian (Prob)
B.A(Hons)(Jaffna), M.A(Pera), M.phil(Pera)

Mr. Y.Kesavan - Asst. Librarian (Prob)

Miss. B.Luxsana - Asst. Librarian (Prob)

Mr. K.Sayanthan - Asst. Librarian (Prob)
B.A(Hons)(Pera), M.A(Pera)